Learn more about various aspects of Logopress3 in about a minute
Here is a very concise 3 minute executive overview of SolidWorks-based Gold Certified Logopress3 Die Design software.
The goal of this video is not to prove that we can create an average die design in 5 hours. Of course this is a very simple part and we planned all that we did and we practiced all that we did before creating the videos. Our goal is to show the entire process, method and philosophy of Logopress3 Die Design software in order to illustrate its ease…
The only add-on package available for Logopress3 Die Design. This tool helps the designer create the intermediate stages of complex formed parts
Logopress3 Die Simulation / Die Kinematics helps to make the die designer a much better designer by helping him or her to catch their mistakes before the die design gets out onto the shop floor. Of course it is also a great visual tool for teaching people about die design as well as making design reviews much more efficient and meaningful.
Quickly set up a die simulation and check for interference issues
Complete fineblank die design starting from an imported part file through to part drawings and bill of materials in under an hour.
This is a walk through of Logopress3 providing step by step instructions for creating a single hit, compound blank and pierce die. This design uses springs, rather than knockout pins for extracting the part.
Full Logopress3 Strip Layout of a box terminal.
Logopress3 BLANK is a very economical yet accurate solution that allows the user to quickly and easily create the blank of complex 3D formed parts - also known as double-curved or automotive type parts. It also provides feedback on stress, strain, thinning, contour points mapping, etc.
Logopress3 Unbending is able to unbend very "dirty" models and has additional capabilities that go far beyond standard SolidWorks Sheet Metal capabilities. Easily do moved center partial unbends, unbend bends that have strengthening beads/gussets, manage springback/overbends with automatic radius recalculation, manage non-constant thickness, etc.
Logopress3 Round Draw Module is included with the strip layout package in Logopress3. Round draws have always been thought of as an art, and while there is a lot of truth to that, Logopress3 brings it dramatically closer to a being a science. Logopress has had round draw technology in their die design software since 1991.
Logopress3 Tool Design software can be used with any kind of tool - any kind of SolidWorks assembly. It could be a jig or fixture, a mold, a gage - whatever. But of course the main focus for Logopress3 Tool Design software is for it to be used for progressive die design.
123GO is a SolidWorks Gold Certified Intelligent Component Library that Logopress3 gives away for FREE! 123GO is the fastest and easiest way to insert fasteners and their related holes and mates automatically. Even if you don't typically add fasteners to your design, but only put the holes in, 123GO can do it in a fraction of the time you are…
Logopress3 Strip Layout takes full advantage of solids. While you can integrate surfacing as well of course, users really appreciate the fact that when the strip is complete, it looks as if it came out of the die. This is especially important with coining and multiple thickness materials, but is also valuable with constant thickness parts. Strip…
Videos of some other useful commands and features