For those that do not have Logopress3 die design software. It allows the manipulation and rebuilding of a Logopress3 die design. It gives access to the Logopress3 filters to instantly hide or show any combination of the upper, middle and lower die assemblies as well as the strip assembly. The die can also be run as if in the press using Logopress3…
In only a few mouse clicks you can unfold your part and then model the intermediate stages that will allow defining the process that will become your strip layout. This can be done from a native SolidWorks model or from an imported model, without preparing it in any specific way. (Also includes 123GO FREE)
Logopress3 BLANK functions allow the user to quickly and easily predict the theoretical blank of 3D formed parts. The Finite Element Analysis advanced functions helps both at the quotation stage and in the die design process. It minimizes development time in the press. (Also includes 123GO FREE)
Logopress3F includes Logopress3 Unbending and Logopress3 BLANK combined into a single product but with a significant discount over the cost of purchasing them separately. (Also includes 123GO FREE)
Logopress3 NESTING is an affordable, fast and easy to use product that is fully integrated inside of SolidWorks. The user starts with either a multibody part file (created with SolidWorks or imported from a different CAD system) or with individual part files that are in an assembly.
The strip layout module can be used for both progressive dies and transfer dies. It allows quickly modeling the true solid 3D strip in a very easy and logical way, resulting from our almost 20 years experience shared with passionate die designers. Strip Layout includes Nesting, Logopress3F, and the Round Draw module.
123GO Advanced contains nearly all the standard components that a die designer needs, but is incredibly useful to any designer creating assemblies.
Everything a die designer needs to design tooling quicker and with less mistakes, including 2D drawings for out on the shop floor.
This is a very much anticipated new add-on, released beginning of 2012. It allows die designers to model the complex shaped intermediate stages of a progressively formed part far faster than ever.