Q: Does Accurate Die Design Software, Inc. still do die design?
A: No. 100% of our business is now dedicated to software sales, support and training.

Q: Is Logopress3 a standalone software?
A: No. Logopress3 is a Gold Certified Partner Product of SolidWorks and is seamlessly integrated into SolidWorks.

Q: What is a SolidWorks Gold Certified Partner Product?
A: Certified Gold Products provide fully integrated, “single window” interoperable functionality for SolidWorks solutions.

SolidWorks Partner Products can help you bring innovative, quality products to market more efficiently and cost-effectively. Working closely with more than 300 top solution partners worldwide, the SolidWorks Partner Program gives you direct access to products and services that enable you to maximize productivity, design innovative products, and achieve your product development goals. These Partner Products offer a range of tools and applications that will help you extend the power and utility of your SolidWorks solutions.

Q: Which SolidWorks package is needed to run Logopress3?
A: SolidWorks Standard is sufficient for Logopress3 to run, but some of the extra features found in Professional can be useful to a die designer.

Q: What are the system requirements for Logopress3?
A: While the system requirements are the same as if you had only SolidWorks, we do strongly recommend specific PCs. If you like we can send you information regarding our recommendation for the best possible performance. Please contact us.

Q: Where is training held for Logopress3?
A: Logopress3 training for customers in North America is held in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Q: Does Logopress3 offer a Network License?
A: Yes. Please contact us to discuss your company's particular needs.

Q: What is included in the annual subscription service for Logopress3?
A: Service maintenance includes telephone, e-mail and web-based support as well as all updates released during this one year period. Support is handled by expert SolidWorks professionals and tool and die designers.

Q: Is a trial available for the Logopress3 Die Design Software?
A: No. We only offer a fully functional trial of the Flattening and/or NESTING software. When people buy our Die Design software we spend 3 days training them in how to use it. There is no way anyone doing a trial of the Die Design software could give it a fair evaluation without having been trained in it first. We would be happy to show you a web demo of Logopress3 Die Design software with your parts if you would like.

Q: Is a web based demo with our parts available?
A: Absolutely. We use GoToMeetings for our web based demos. Feel free to contact us to arrange a time with our team to see the power of Logopress3 and FTI.

Q: What makes Logopress3 better than its competitors?
A: Logopress3 leverages the power of the most common 3D modeling software in the world - SolidWorks.